General Information

In order to meet the needs of ecological civilization construction and solve the technical identification problems in the judicial litigation and compensation cases of eco-environmental damage, Shandong University has explored to establish the Institute of Eco-Environmental Forensics (hereinafter referred to as "Institute")in July 2019, which is the first case of an interdisciplinary research institution covering Environmental Science, Ecology, Chemistry, Law and other fields in China.

The main research directions include: 1. Pollutant Identification and Traceabilityresearch. 2. Eco-effect research. 3. Eco-environment damage and health effects research. 4. Accounting of Ecological Resources research. 5. Law and Policy on Eco-Environmental Forensics research.

The institute is a problem-oriented research institution, which focus on solving the bottleneck in identification and repair of eco-environmental damage. Besides, setting up the first Master (Doctoral) program for "Science of Environmental Forensic" to cultivate talents in Environmental Forensic field in China.

Relying on Institute of Eco-Environmental Forensics, the Ministry of Justice and Shandong University established the " Ministry of Justice Hub for Research & Practice in Eco-Environmental Forensics" in October 2019. It implements a new mechanism and system with two different brand names but sharing the same group of personnel. The two parties cooperate in three aspects as follows:

1.Establish and improve the theoretical and technical system of Eco-Environmental Forensics. 2.Explore the training mode of the top talents in Eco-Environmental Forensics and strengthen the cultivation of the application-oriented and compound talents. 3.Set up an intelligent platform and high-end think tank for technical exchange and big data network sharing of Eco-Environmental Forensics, and promote the high integration of scientific research and practice of Eco-Environmental Forensics.

Through the interdisciplinary integration of Arts and Sciences, as well as the exploration and reform of scientific research system and mechanism in line with Chinese national conditions, the Institute will establish the theoretical system and talent cultivation model to produce the "International, Innovative and Compound" high-level talents for the development of Eco-Environmental Forensics in China.

Relying on Shandong University, the Institute makes full use of the advantages of talents and equipment, and closely cooperates with relevant institutions and organizations, such as International Society of Environmental Forensics (ISEF) and the Division of Environmental Damage Assessment, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (DEDA) to develop social forces, integrate social resources and provide talent and technical support for the construction of Science of Environmental Forensics.